Albertson's | Twice The Value Coupons!

I stopped into Albertson's last night to pick up a movie and noticed these coupon books on a display at the front door. There are no organic coupons inside, so I almost put it back on the table until I turned it over! On the back of these coupon books are "Double the Value" coupons!

Double the Value coupons allow you to double 1 manufacturer coupon up to $1. That makes any $1 coupons $2 off!

I didn't have time to check out what good deals I could get, but I hope to go today to scope it out. These coupons are valid until 6/15/10 and are limited to (2) coupons per family per shopping trip.

This was found at a Southern California store, so please call or check your store for availability. They may not be available at all locations.