Students | Free Amazon Prime For 1 Year!

Any students out there? If so, you can snag Amazon Prime for free for 1-year!

What Do You Get With Amazon Prime?

  • Unlimited FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items
  • No minimum order size
  • Upgrades to One-Day shipping for $3.99 an item

Eligibility & Sign-Up:
Only students currently enrolled in a college or university who have a valid .edu e-mail address to confirm their status are eligible to participate in Amazon Student. See additional conditions at Amazon Student Terms & Conditions for more details.

I currently have Amazon Prime because of the 7th Generation Diaper Purchase (which is still available), did anyone else get that too? I love it and plan to snag a bunch of things on Amazon while I have it!

Thanks, theDealyo & Coupon Pro!