Free Bodum Glass French Press With Starbuck Subscription!

If you love Starbucks coffee you might be interested in this deal! If you sign up for a coffee or Tea delivery subscription, you will get a Bodum Glass French Press for free!

They currently offer 2 organic coffee varieties and one Tazo Organic Tea variety: Organic Shade Grown Mexico, Organic Yukon Blend, and Organic Vanilla Rooibos Tea Concentrate by Tazo Tea.

The French Press is glass with plastic on the outside and a stainless steel filter. I have a Bodum French Press, and I love it. Coffee in a French Press is a totally different cup of coffee then in a drip system, it gives it a nice froth. The french press they are offering is $29.95, but you can snag it free w/ the subscription.

The french press arrives with your first coffee shipment and you may cancel your service at any time after receiving your introductory shipment with no further obligation.

You can get this deal until 7/31/10.

Thanks, The Dealyo!