Toys-R-Us/Babies-R-Us Shopping Trip 7/3/10

I had to check out the deals at Toys-R-Us this weekend, nothing overly exciting for Annie's, the prices are just too high even with the discount, but the Earth's Best Baby food is a great deal. We're out of the baby stage here, so this is what I found for $1.80 after coupons!

7th Generation Dishwasher Packs $1.48 (on clearance + 25% off all clearance items until 7/17)
-$1/1 Seventh Generation Product

Green Works Natural Bathroom Cleaner $1.11
(on clearance + 25% off all clearance items until 7/17)
-.75/1 Green Works Product (there is a $1/1 Green Works Product on, that is even better)
=$.36 (or $.11 if you have the other coupon)

Nexcare All Purpose Face Mask $1.48
(on clearance + 25% off all clearance items until 7/17)
-$1/1 Any Nexcare Product

The jury is still out for me on the Green Works brand. I bought it to look into the ingredients more, but I am not completely convinced that it is the way to go. It says 99%, so what is the 1% made of? I'm still looking into that. The face Mask go in my emergency preparedness kit. I think everyone should have one, but living in the Earthquake state, I definitely need one!

You may want to head to your store to check out their clearance items. Until 7/17, they are taking an additional 25% off automatically on every clearance item. Reader Lynn also reported Sprig toys on clearance at her store and got a Sprig Dune Buggy set for $4.49 (regular price $19.99)! They didn't offer these at my store, so call ahead to check your location (thanks Lynn!)!