More Amazon Diaper Discount Codes & You Can Stack Them!

Wow, the Amazon diaper deals just keep getting better and better!

The August Parenting magazine & the September Parents magazine also have Amazon diaper coupon codes in their issues. The best news though, all of the codes are stackable with the August Issue coupon codes!

That means if you get both magazines, and you haven't used your august coupon code you can use both codes (August & September) and the 30%  Subscribe & Save Discount discount and get up to 70% off diapers!

If you have already used the August issued coupon, you can still snag 50% off diapers with the new September codes! The codes are good until 9/30 and the subscribe & save is good until the end of August, so if sizes are sold out, keep checking until they get them back in stock!

Thanks, Baby Cheapskate!