Replacing Plastic In The Kitchen - A Many Part Series!

One thing I have done in my kitchen is to replace as much plastic as I can. Many of us use plastic storage containers, plastic baggies, plastic wrap etc, and are interested in alternatives. I was able to replace most of it and here are some ideas that you can use as well. This only covers food storage containers, but there are lot's of alternatives to plastic in the kitchen, so we will discuss this more in future posts.

Plastic Storage Containers:
There are a few glass options that I went with. I like the glass options, because many of them can go from the refrigerator to the oven or toaster oven and back to the fridge only using that one container! Less to wash, less waste and a lot easier! Here is what I ended up with:

  • Anchor Hocking Bake-n-Store. These are great! They are 100% glass, even the lid. They are also Dishwasher, Microwave and Oven Safe, so you can make something in them, store the leftovers in the fridge and then heat them up all in this one container, Bonus, these are made in the USA! I personally bought them from Crate & Barrel, but it looks like they no longer carry them. You can also get them at The Container Store. They have had 20% off coupons before, so sign up for their emails and hopefully you save on these that way. 

  • Glasslock Food Storage Containers. If you don't care if the lid is plastic and you want something that has a great seal on it, these are great for that. They have a silicone seal, and snap when locked, so they are air tight. They are Microwave, refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher safe, but cannot be put in the oven. Again, you can get these at the Container Store, Target or even Costco if you have a membership. The best deal is at Costco, because you get an entire set for $29.

  • Ceramic Food Storage Containers. I have never tried these, but they look promising. They got great reviews on Amazon and that is actually the only place I have seen them.

  • Stainless Steel Food Containers. I personally avoid aluminum, but I love stainless steel. There are a bunch of stainless storage containers available. Kid Konserve offers mini stainless containers for smaller items. For a little bigger items, you can try the Eco Lunch Box. Thermos also offers food storage for kids and adults that are available at Target, Amazon, Toys-R-Us and more. We love our Funtainers around here!
I highly recommend these great sites as well for lot's of plastic free items and BPA Free, Lead and PVC Free items.

The Soft Landing. This site is owned by a Mom who does her research! Everything they sell is BPA, PVC, and phalate free.I would also follow their Facebook page which is often filled with great information on everything non toxic!

Life Without Plastic. A great blog & site with lot's of plastic alternatives. You can purchase items directly from their site.

Fake Plastic Fish. Another great blog on how to live life without plastic. Beth has been collecting and tallying her plastic waste and researching plastic-free alternatives for over 3 years.

If you have found any great alternatives to plastic storage containers or are interested in anything in particular that you would like a non-plastic alternative to, just leave a comment and we can discuss together.