Amazon Coupon Codes In Magazines!

Amazon is at it again! There have been many reports that a bunch of January and February Magazines have coupon codes for Amazon baby items. 

Baby Talk Magazine (February 2011): $10 off Baby Items On Amazon. Look for free copies at your pediatricians office  - thanks, Penny Pinchin Mom!

Parenting Magazine (February 2011): Also $10 off Baby Items On Amazon. - thanks, The Budget Mommy!

American Baby (January 2011): 20% off diapers on Amazon. My Babies-R-Us offers free copies of this magazine in their stores. Check your store and see if they do as well next time you are there. You can also get a free subscription online!

Remember to join Amazon Mom and use subscribe & save with these coupons to get baby items and diapers for an awesome deal!