Envirosax Organic Bags $10!

UPDATE: Fill out this survey from Pure Citizen for a free shipping code!

Was your New Year's Resolution to bring your own reusable bags to the grocery store?

Today on Pure Citizen, they are offering Organic Envirosax for $10 each (60% off). Shipping is a flat rate of $6.95. 

A lot of stores are also giving bags credits when you use your own bags, so you might even get paid for using these! Now we just need to work on remembering to bring them. Or is that just me?

Here is a list of stores that offer credits when you bring in your reusable bags. These will vary by store and location, and I'm sure I have not included them all, so if you have any others, please leave a comment and let us know:


Target: $0.05 per bag

Trader Joes: Entry into drawing for free groceries

CVS: $1.00 Extra Care Buck for every 4th visit (must buy a green tag for $1.00 for your reusable bags first)

Whole Foods: $.05-$.10 (depending on the location) per bag

Kroger: $.03-$.05 (some locations) per bag

Winco: $0.10 per bag Fred Meyer: $.05 per bag

Albertson's: $0.03 per bag (some locations)

Sun Flower Market: $.10 a bag

Shop Rite: $.05 per bag

Sprout's Farmers Market: $.05 a bag

Henry's Market: $.05 a bag