Organic Turkey Prices For Thanksgiving

Note: These prices are for 2012, please see the updated list for 2014 here!

If you are looking for the best prices on organic turkey's this year, here are a few deals I have found. I noticed that the price has gone up a bit from last year. 


Costco: Organic Free Range Organic Turkeys $2.69/lb. This price may vary by location. My Costco had these today, and I was able to grab a 16 pound for $41.56

Whole Foods: Organic Turkey $3.99/lb. this price also may vary by location. 

Sprouts: My local Sprouts has organic turkeys this year for $3.49/lb. Last year they only had natural, and those are $1.49/lb this year. 


D'Artagnan: Organic Free Range Turkey 12-14 lbs & up starting at $84.99 + shipping. Order on their website. This is around $7.08/lb. 

Wise Organic Pastures: Whole Organic Turkey 14-16 lbs $100 + shipping. Order online on their website. This is about $7.16/lb. 

Organic Prairie: Organic Whole Young Turkey with Giblets 14 lbs are $55.59 + shipping ($11.95) $69.49 + shipping ($11.95. Order online on their website. This is about $4.96/lb, plus the cost of shipping.