New EcoBonus Rewards Program

On November 1st, a new rewards program was introduced called EcoBonus.

You will soon see some of your favorite products in stores with codes on them that you can enter into EcoBonus and get rewarded for these purchases via their rewards catalog.  

Until then, you can start earning points just by signing up for an account: 

  • Get 15 points for registering
  • Get 10 points for completing your profile
  • Get 25 points by liking EcoBonus on Facebook and getting a special code on their "Fan Rewards" tab. 

Points are "pending" until they are verified, and then they will show up under your account as available. When they are available, you can redeem them for items in their rewards catalog, which will included coupons. 

At this time, I do not see a referral option to get points, but the program is still in Beta, so it could be something they add later, we'll have to wait and see. 

This program adds to the list of current rewards program for buying organic and eco-friendly products. Check out the newly created Rewards  Programs Page to see a list of all of the current reward programs geared toward organic shoppers.