Gluten-Free Organic Friday Deals 12/30/11

Gluten-Free Friday is brought to you by Kimberlee from The Peaceful Mom, where you can find gluten-free recipes and menus plus great ways to save money, get organized and enjoy life.


Head over to enter The Peaceful Mom’s Jovial Foods Organic Gluten Free Product Giveaway (ends 1/2/12 at 9 am EST)


You can also get gluten-free organic deals on Amazon in their gluten-free store section.

*Please Note: This information is provided as a service, but is not intended as medical advice. Products which are certified “gluten-free” must be manufactured in a plant dedicated to allergy free production. Some products are included in this list which are not labeled “gluten-free”, but which will be acceptable for most people. As always, check labels for information which pertains to your personal situation.