HappyBaby Yogurt Melts $2.23 A Bag!

I am so excited about this deal! I have been looking for the Happy Baby Yogurt Melts to go on sale on Amazon for a while now. My husband and son eat them like there's no tomorrow (I know I'm not the only one with a husband addicted to these LOL) and they usually run around $3.49 a bag. 

Amazon has the Banana Mango and Strawberry variety 8 packs for $17.83 with subscribe & save. That makes them $2.23 a bag shipped. Now let's see how long 16 bags will last, I think I'll hide them!

Happy Baby Strawberry Yogurt Melts - Now $2.71 A Bag (thanks, Anna!)

Happy Baby Banana Mango Yogurt Melts

Note: Amazon prices can change quickly based on supply, demand and quantities. If the price has changed, please let me know and I can update my post ASAP.