Organic Deals Facebook Updates

Facebook has made a few changes that you may affect you. I have had several emails from people saying that they are no longer seeing Organic Deals posts on their wall.

It appears that Facebook has made changes and the default setting is to only show friends and pages you interact with most. What that means is, if you haven't posted a comment or liked a post, you will no longer see my updates unless you change your settings.  

To edit your general preference for posts you see:

  1. When you are on your Most Recent News Feed view, click "Most Recent" to expand a drop-down menu.
  2. Select "Edit Options."
  3. Expand the drop-down menu next to "Show posts from." Choose either "Friends and pages you interact with most" or "All of your friends and pages."
  4. Click "Save."


The look of Business Pages is also changing. They will be updated to have the same look as the new personal pages.

You may follow sites on Facebook that have already made the change. I will wait however until March 1st to change, which is when Facebook will force all pages to the new look. 

Hopefully that fix the problem and you can start seeing updates again. If you aren't following Organic Deals on Facebook and would like to, just click here and like the page to get updates directly through your feed!

Thank you, Rose Knows Coupons!