Join Me On The Easy Organic Living Community!

Healthy Child Healthy World, and have just launched a new interactive community called Easy Organic Living. The group, sponsored by Stonyfield is a great place to connect with other parents who are also looking to go organic.

Shortly after I had my son I joined an online group for Mom's that had babies the same month I did. It was such a relief to get advice and talk to ladies that were sharing the same experiences that I was at the time, so I love this idea.

This new Easy Organic Living group currently has 428 members and they are doing a series of four organic challenges over the next month. I will be doing these myself as an "Easy Organic Living Challenge Blogger", and I would love it if you would join me!


  1. A simple label-reading challenge to encourage parents to understand what they’re eating.
  2. A meal preparation challenge encouraging parents to use at least one organic ingredient.
  3. A money-saving challenge to help parents make organic living affordable.
  4. A snack invention challenge to inspire parents to think outside the wrapper and create their own healthy snack using at least one organic ingredient.

The first money-saving challenge has already started. I would have thought I had that down pretty well, but there are suggestions from the challenge that I do not currently do, that I will be trying, like buying in bulk. I honestly do not hit up the bulk bins that often at my stores, so that will really be a challenge for me.

I hope you will join me and post your updates on the Easy Organic Living Community page. Thanks to the generosity of Healthy Child Healthy World, I will also have the chance to give one of you an "Easy Organic Living Challenge" Reusable Tote Bag with a wide variety of coupons and samples of organic foods and more, so stay tuned for that as well!