Amazon Organic Warehouse Deals

Amazon has some great Warehouse Deals on organic items. Warehouse Deals are approaching their expiration date, so they sell them at a discounted price to move them quickly.

Here are some of the deals I spotted:

 Maisie Jane's Organic Honey Glazed Cashews (4pk) $10.99
=$2.75 a bag 

 Country Choice Organic Sandwich Cremes (6pk) $13.99
=$2.34 a bag

 Nature's Path Organic Chococonut Granola Bars (6pk) $15.99
=$2.66 a box

 Earths Best Kidz Organic 2% Reduced Fat Chocolate Milk (27 pk) $16.99
=$.63 each

 Red Monkey Organic Sage (6pk) $9.99
=$1.67 a jar