Fresh & Easy Coupon & Price List!

Fresh & Easy stores are located in California, Nevada and Arizona. I recently stopped into one to check it out and see their organic offerings.

One thing that bummed me out about their store is they do not take manufacturer coupons. The other thing was they have logos on the front of their packaging that looks very similar to the USDA Organic symbol, but it not, so it would be easy to grab something thinking it was organic, and getting it home to find out it isn't. 

They did however have some pretty good prices!

They currently have an online printable coupon good for $10 off $50 (exp 4/18/11), and I wrote down as many prices I could for organics items last time I shopped:

Organic Chicken Breasts $5.99/lb

Organic Coffee $5.88 (1lb)

YoBaby Organic Yogurt $2.49 (4pk)

Hanson's Organic Junior Water Juice $.99 (4pk)

Horizon Organic Butter $4.99

Batter Blaster $3.99

Organic Tortilla Chips $2.69

Organic Sugar $2.49 (1.5 lbs)

Organic Frozen Corn $1.59 (16oz)

Organic Frozen Sweet Peas $1.59 (16oz)

Earth's Best Organic 1st Foods $.65

Earth's Best Organic 2nd Foods $.89

Earth's Best Organic 3rd Foods $1.09

Organic Applesauce $1.79 (4pk)

Organic Applesauce $2.28 (24oz jar)

Organicville BBQ Sauce $3.99

Organicville Kethcup $3.99

Fresh & Easy Organic Ketchup $1.79 (20oz)

Fresh & Easy Organic Mustard $1.49 (9oz)

Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil $6.99

Spectrum Organic EVOO $6.99

Van's Organic Waffles $2.99

Organic All Purpose & Wheat Flour $1.99 (2lbs)

Organic Rice Flour $1.99 (1lb)

Green & Black's Chocolate Bars $2.00

They had a few organic fresh fruits & vegetables, but not many, but I heard that they are revamping that to include more and are working on packaging to make it easy for customers to distinguish between the conventional & organic products. 

Thanks, Saving Cents With Sense for the coupon!