Blissmo | Seven Bags Of Natural/Organic Surf Sweets $11

Blissmo is offering a deal on Surf Sweets. For $11 + $3 shipping, you can snag $18 worth of treats. You get seven bags including:

  • Sour Berry Bear Multi-pack 4.5oz
  • Gummy Bear Multi-pack 4.5oz
  • 2.75oz. Gummy Bears, 2.75oz
  • Gummy Worms, 2.75oz
  • Sour Berry Bears, 2.75oz
  • Sour Worms
  • Jelly Beans, 9oz

Surf Sweets are made with organic and natural ingredients (at least 70% organic). They are free of corn syrup and GMOs, made in the U.S.A. and in a nut free facility.


  • $11 for $18 worth of treats from Surf Sweets
  • $3 shipping per deal to the U.S.
  • Can't be shipped to Canada
  • Shipping info collected at checkout
  • Ships approx. 3 days from deal end