Freezy Pup Organic Treat Bundle $22 Shipped

For those of you with dogs, check out this Freezy Pups organic dog treat bundle. For $22 you get a bone-shaped tray, four organic flavor packets, and a refill good for 70 more treats with free shipping. 

The kit includes: 

  • One (1) Freezy Pups Kit Tray 
  • Four (4) flavors: chicken-soup recipe, white-cheddar cheese, juicy apple, and sweet potato 'n maple (each packet is enough for 14 treats)
  • One (1) Sweet potato 'n maple refill

On the Freezy Pup website, the tray alone sells for $24.99, so this is a great deal. 

My corgi would love these, he runs as soon as he hears our ice maker, so I know he would enjoy these a lot on a hot day.