National Take Your Parents To Lunch Day October 17th

National "Take Your Parents to Lunch Day" is coming up on Wednesday October 17th. and  Parents across the county are headed to their child's cafeteria to have lunch with them and to open up communication between parents and school administrators about providing healthy and nutritious lunch options. 

To get your school to participate, head over to My Healthy School and check out the resources section for Parents & Schools.  

There is a letter you can send to school administrators to get involved, a pamphlet on how the school lunch program changed as of July 2012 which you can use to see how it has been implemented at your child's school and tips on how to talk to students and lunch providers about healthier school lunch options. If your school isn't participating, you can talk to your school about setting up a date anytime of the year.

There are also resources for schools on how to plan the event, sample invitations and more. 

This event is a grass roots effort sponsored by KIWI Magazine, The School Nutrition Association, My Healthy School, The Whole Kids Foundation and Stonyfield Organic Yogurt. 

Are any of you participating in this event? Have you done it before? How did it go?