$15 Off Coupon At Home Depot When You Play The Zombie Mulch Game

I just snagged all of this at Home Depot for... $.30 cents!

Head over to the Home Depot Facebook page and select the "Zombie Mulch" tab. Play the game for coupons for $5, $10 or $15 off your purchase. 

I played for around 30 - 40 minutes to get the $15 last night while I was watching television. You will need to spend $15.01 or more to use it, and it needs to be used in the lawn and garden department. 

X-Large Pumpkin $8.98
Small Houseplant $.99 (on sale from $2.98)
Regular Houseplant $3.33 (on sale from $5.98)
Organic Tomato Seeds $1.99 =$15.29 + $.01 tax
=$.30 after $15 off coupon 

The seeds were $1.99, so you could grab 8 packages for about $.92 cents ($.12 each) and grow your own organic food this season!

Thanks All Those Things I Love!