Organic Turkey Prices For 2013!

I have had a hard time this year locating organic turkeys in-stores. None of the stores in my area have them yet, and a few will let me order them, but do not have any in stock. 

Since Thanksgiving is not far off, I compiled what I could for now and will update this post this week as more stores hopefully get some Turkeys in!


Costco: Last year Organic Free Range Turkeys were $2.69/lb. This year they are $2.79/lb. Still one of the best prices I can find. I just called my local store and they are now in stock, but make sure to check your store and grab one quickly as these sell out fast!

Earth Fare: Earth Fare has organic whole turkeys for $4.29/lb. 

Sprouts: Sprouts had organic turkeys last year for $3.99/lb. I have not seen them in-stores yet. 

Ralph's/Kroger: My local store said they should recieve their Simple Truth Organic Turkeys on the 20th and they should be $1.99 - $2.49/lb. If this pans out, this would be the best deal!

Trader Joe’s: Last year they offered organic brined turkeys for $2.99/lb. This year they said they will not carry any organic turkeys at all. 

Von’s: Von’s offers an organic turkey via their O Organics line for $3.99/lb. Look for these in the frozen meat section. They are in stock at my local store, so hopefully they are at yours as well.

Whole Foods: You can order organic turkeys online now. They have a few different options, but they start at $3.99/lb.


D'Artagnan: Organic Free Range Turkeys from 8-10 lbs & up start at $59.99 + shipping. You can order on the D’Artagnan website now. This is around $7.50/lb.

Organic Prairie: Organic Whole Young Turkey with Giblets at Organic Prairie are approximately 14 lbs are $77.49 + shipping. This is about $5.35/lb, plus the cost of shipping.

William Sonoma: Organic Free-Range Turkeys are $9/lb and are from Willie Bird. There is also a flat rate delivery/shipping cost of $15.