5 Gift Ideas For The Organic Coffee Drinker

If you’ve got a coffee lover in your life, you may be thinking of gift ideas that they may like. Here are 5 gift ideas I have for the organic coffee drinker in your life, many are even in my kitchen right now:

  1. French Press: Made of glass and stainless steel, this Bodum French Press is perfect for the organic French roast drinker or someone who likes a stronger brew of coffee. Use ground coffee and hot water to make your morning cup of Joe.

  2. Stainless Steel Ekobrew: For the eco-friendly coffee drinker that owns a Keurig, the stainless steel Ekobrew, reusable and works with any brand of bagged coffee. Just put your favorite ground coffee inside and use the Keurig as you would with the disposable k-cups. 100% BPA/lead free with 100% silicone O-ring.

  3. Stainless Steel Frother: If they like lattes or cappuccinos, they will being able to make them at home with this Aerolatte stainless steel frother. I use it to whip up my milk and then add my coffee right in my coffee cup.

  4. Organic Coffee: The organic coffee drinker can’t drink without organic coffee. Fill their pantry with any organic coffee brand. For an extra special treat, grab a bag of Mountain Thunder  Organic Kona Reserve. This is some seriously good organic Kona coffee and if you’re ever in Hawaii, you can visit their plantation.

  5. Melitta Ceramic Coffee Brewer: Perfect for those who want no plastic and portability. This ceramic coffee brewer by Melitta works with #4 coffee filters and just requires hot water to use. I have this and have brought it with me camping and traveling and it has been great. It also looks really cute on the breakfast table.