What Organic Items I Buy At Trader Joe’s

You’ve already seen what I buy at Costco, so now I thought I would let you in on what I buy at Trader Joes.

Trader Joes is not specifically an organic grocery store, but they carry quite a bit of organic items at great prices. Here in California, this is quite the popular store, almost everyone I know shops there and loves it.

If you haven’t shopped at Trader Joe’s, check out their store locator and see if there is one near you or coming soon to an area near you!


Trader Joe’s has some great prices on organic produce. For example, I can get organic whole carrots for $.79 without coupons. They also often times have organic produce I can’t find at Sprouts, like organic brussel sprouts.

I do not buy organic bananas there, since they are sold by the banana and since I am so used to the price per pound, I have not taken the time to figure out if they are a good deal or not. 


For organic meat, I get a better deal at Costco, but they do have organic ground beef for $6.49/lb at Trader Joe's. 

I buy their organic beef sirloin roast for $10.99. It is heat & serve, so it is great to have on hand for nights when we're in a hurry to get dinner on the table.

They also sell Applegate Farms organic hot dogs for $4.99 at my store, and YES, they will take a coupon on these, so this is often the best price I can get.

Organic beef jerky is also a decent price there. A bag is $5.49 at my store. 

For dairy, their yogurt smoothies are a good deal at $3.49 for a pack of four and their organic almond milk from Pacific Foods is $1.99. They will also take a coupon for it if there is one!


Here are the other items I buy I there. These are either items I can’t find anywhere else, or just a good deal:

  • Petite Pain Pascal Bread $.99 each
  • Organic Hot Cocoa Single Serve Packs $3.29
  • Organic Fruit Wraps $.49 each
  • Organic Cashews $7.99 (1 pound bag)
  • Organic Sweetened Condensed Milk (not in a can)
  • Organic Hard Taco Shells $1.99
  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil $5.99
  • Organic Popping Corn $1.99 (1 lb, 12oz)
  • Organic Longboard Tortilla Chips $2.49
  • Organic Frozen Orange Juice $2.99
  • Organic Yellow Chili Tomatillo Salsa $2.29
  • Organic Dog Treat Sticks $2.99
  • Organic Chocolate Bars $1.99
  • Organic Flour Tortillas $2.29

If you have a Trader Joe’s, I’d love to hear what you buy there!