Eating Organic At Walt Disney World

This summer, we went to Walt Disney World for a little vacation while we were already in Florida for my husbands militarytraining.

I did a lot of research on food and hotels and thought I would share with you some of the things I learned. 

I have been to Disney World twice; once when I was newly married and once when my son was 2, but I still don’t feel like I know my way around. Now Disneyland, that is a totally different story, because we live very close to that park… but not Disney World, that was a whole other country in terms of what and where to eat as far as I was concerned.

When you typically eat organic at home, what do you do when you go to a theme park or go on vacation? Do you look for organic options? Do you bring your own food or maybe throw out all rules and eat whatever and wherever you want?

Honestly we often do all three. I'll look for options, I'll find the local organic grocery stores and organic restaurants, and I'll also cut myself some slack and just enjoy the moment. 

Years ago, your healthy options, yet alone organic options were limited, but today as the market for organic and nutritional food continues to rise, you can eat more than churros, hamburgers and sodas at theme parks. 


If you head over to the dining section of the Walt Disney World website, you can enter the search term “organic” and see that 15 results are found. That means that 15 restaurants at Walt Disney properties offer something organic. From there, you can click on the restaurant you want and view the entire menu. Wolfgang Puck's Grand Cafe has organic salad and two organic chicken dishes, so that is definitely an option. 

Image Courtesy Of Disney: Gardens Kiosk, Animal Kingdom

If you have other dietary restrictions or food allergies, you can search for that too in the search field, i.e gluten free. 

If you are planning out your Walt Disney World meals in advance, please note that some restaurants require reservations and can be booked up to 180 days ahead of time, so start this search early. 

Before you go, you can also request free customized park maps where you select the attractions and food destinations you want to visit. I already set up my maps, including the restaurants that offer organic, so when I visit the parks I know how to get around easily. Disney will print these and send them to you for free, so why not take advantage. 

Also, Honest Teas can sometimes be found at the little drink stands inside the parks. Coke owns Honest Tea, and since Coke is served at the parks, you can often find Honest Tea as well.

Be weary of things that are "sugar-free" as these options often include aspartame and other artificial sweeteners. Sugar free isn't just "no added sugar" anymore, now it's more often, we didn't add real sugar, instead we added chemical sugar alternatives. Luckily, the staff at Disney is always willing to help you out and can modify many meal options to suit your need, in our experience anyway. 


Image credit: Whole Foods MarketWhen I went to Disney World when my son was younger, I scoped out the nearest Whole Foods and Publix grocery store locations (if you are not familiar with Publix, it is a great grocery store that has quite a bit of reasonably priced organic options).

I had a rental car, so I was able to head over to the stores and grab drinks and organic snacks to take with me into the park. We also stayed in a condo with a kitchen and grilled up organic steaks and veggies one night to save money and eat organically. If you have any of these options, this is a great way to save money as well. 

Both stores are about 10 - 15 minute drive from Walt Disney World, so you'll need your own transportation to do this. If you buy Honest Teas or water at the store rather than at the park, you will save yourself about $2-$3a bottle just on those items. 

One way we saved a ton of money was to buy organic breakfast foods and eat them in our hotel. Many of the hotels will have a small refrigerator inside the room. Grab cereal, bagels, fruit, oatmeal or whatever you can eat in your room before heading out to the parks. Check with your hotel if you are a coffee drinker as many of them now use Keurig machines and may provide Newman's Own Organic Coffee or if not, you can bring your own favorite Keurig coffee pods

If all of this seems overwhelming or you just want to take a break from worrying about food, just enjoy your experience, you're on vacation after all. Just go easy on those churros - ha!

Do you have any other tips to eating organic at Theme Parks? Anyone planning on heading to a theme park this summer?