Organic Halloween Options At Costco

I was in Costco yesterday and spotted some organic Halloween options for those of you that want to give out an organic treats to trick-or-treaters this year and shop at Costco. 

The Annie's snacks are not specifically Halloween treats, but could be easily given out a such. The Tasty brand fruit snacks are in Halloween packaging and are shaped in traditional Halloween shapes like witches and owls. 

Here is the price break down of each:

  • Annie's Organic Fruit Snacks $14.99 (36 pack) - $.42 a bag
  • Annie's Organic Cheddar Bunnies $12.89 (36 pack) - $.36 a bag
  • Tasty Spooky Organic Fruit Snacks $9.99 (24 pack) - $.42 a bag

I also went to Target and will do a post on their options too, plus there are also online options, and that post will be up soon as well.