Organic Halloween Options At Target

In addition to the organic Halloween options at Costco, I spotted a bunch of options at Target as well this year. Although a small portion of the rows and rows of conventional candy, the options are increasing each year which is a good thing. 

This year, I spotted options from Clif, Annie's and YumEarth. Here is what I found in the Halloween section:

Note: The Ibotta offer may not work on these as they are "Party Packs" and not multi-packs, but I am looking into this now. 

Clif Kid Scary Strawberry Zfruit $5.99 (12 pack) - $.50 a piece
-$1/1 Clif Zfruit Ibotta Offer*
=$4.99 (or $.42 a piece)

Clif Kid Monster Chocolate Mint $5.99 (12 pack) - $.50 a piece
-$1/1 Clif Zbar Ibotta Offer*
=$4.99 (or $.42 a piece)

Clif Kid Spooky S'mores $5.99 (12 pack) - $.50 a piece
-$1/1 Clif Zbar Ibotta Offer*
=$4.99 (or $.42 a piece)

Annie's Halloween Bunny Grahams $6.99 (36 pack) - $.19 a bag
-$.50/1 Annie's Homegrown Snacks
=$6.49 (or $.18 a bag)

YumEarth Organics Gummy Bears $3.49 (10 pack) - $.35 a bag

YumEarth Organics Lollipops $3.49 (40 pack) - $.09 each

*In Ibotta, there is a bonus offer if you buy both the Zfruit and Zbars at Target. You can earn an extra dollar.