Checkout 51 | Earthbound Farm, Newman's Own & Milk Offer

There is a new app that was just released that is similar to my current favorite Ibotta called Checkout 51

There are a few differences, but it basically works the same way:

  • Offers are not limited to certain stores, so organic shoppers rejoice, you can earn your cash back at any of your favorite organic grocery stores!

  • You can cash out when your balance hits $20 and it looks like they will send you a check, so you do not need a paypal account. 

  • Offers are updated every Thursday, and you upload a picture of your receipt via their mobile app or via their website. You do not need a smart phone to get these offers!

Everyone gets a $2 bonus when you upload your first receipt with a purchase of $20 or more and they currently have offers for any brand of Milk, Newman's Own Salad Dressing and Earthbound Farm. 

  • $1 cash back on any Brand Milk
  • $.50 cash back on Earthbound Farm carrots
  • $1 cash back on Newman's Own Salad Dressing

If you also have Ibotta, you can use the same receipt for both apps, so the milk offer can get you money from Ibotta and Checkout 51