Organic Halloween Candy Deals At Target

2014 028

Though the selection of organic candy is considerably less than conventional, you can get organic candy and skip the scary ingredients his Halloween at major retailers including Target.

I found a few items at my location, but note that not all Targets will carry these items, so call your location prior to heading to the store if you want to grab these items:

  • Clif Kids Full Moon Brownie Packs $5.99 (12 ct)
  • Clif Kids Spooky Smore’s Pack $5.99 (12 ct)
  • Clif Kids ZFruit Scary Strawberry $5.99 (12 pk)


  • YumEarth Organic Lollipops $3.49 (40+ pops)
  • YumEarth Gummy Bears $3.49 (10 pk)

Last year they also had Annie’s snacks in the Halloween section, but I haven’t seen them yet this year. I’ve also been checking Costco, Whole Foods and Amazon for other offers and will post those soon.