Organic Turkey Prices For 2014!

Looking to go organic this year for your Thanksgiving Turkey? Here is a list of prices I have found at stores that should carry them this year. I will update this list as turkey's become available. Not all stores have their turkeys in stores yet. 


Costco: Update: Costco has their organic turkeys, and they are $2.79/lb again this year. Costco does not have their organic turkeys at my location just yet. Last year they were $2.79/lb, so I will keep checking to get an updated price for this year.

Sprouts: Sprouts is offering Fresh, Free Range Organic Turkeys for $3.99/lb

Whole Foods: Whole Foods has a few options for organic turkeys:

  • Mary’s Organic Whole Turkey $3.99/lb
  • Diestel Farms Organic Turkey $3.99/lb

Trader Joe’s: Update: Trader Joe's only has "natural" turkeys this year, no organic. Trader Joe’s turkeys will be available starting November 15th, but they have not said whether they will have organic turkeys this year. They did not have any last year, but did the year before that, so we will have to wait a few days until we know for sure.

Kroger, Ralph’s: Kroger stores should have Simple Truth Organic Turkeys again this year. They will also have “natural” turkeys under the same brand label, so make sure you see the USDA organic label if you want an organic turkey.

Von’s/Safeway: Safeway brand stores have O Organics brand organic turkeys for $3.99/lb.

Fresh & Easy: Fresh & Easy shows a Diestel Farms Organic Turkey on their website, but does not list the price or availability. I have not seen them in-stores, so I will keep checking to get a price.

Earth Fare: Earth Fare’s price dropped a little this year to $3.99/lb for organic free-range turkeys.

Military Commissary: Update: My Commissary had organic turkeys for $4.29/lb. The Commissary should have Organic Prairie turkeys for $3.79/lb. Look for them in the freezer section near the specialty items like duck and ham.


Although you can get the best price for organic turkeys at the stores, if you want to skip the trip and order online, here are a few places that give you that option:

D'Artagnan: Organic Free Range Turkeys from 8-10 lbs & up start at $59.99 + shipping. You can pre-order on the D’Artagnan website now. They are expected to be in stock on November 21st. This is around $7.50/lb.

Organic Prairie: Organic Whole Young Turkey with Giblets at Organic Prairie are approximately 14 lbs are $77.49 + shipping. This is about $5.35/lb, plus the cost of shipping. This is the same price as last year.

William Sonoma: Organic Free-Range Turkeys are a little over $9/lb and are from Willie Bird. There is a standard shipping cost + an added delivery cost of $15.