Happy New Year, Get TO Printing, Acure Coming To Target Shelves & More!

New Years Eve

I hope everyone had a happy Holiday! We had a great Christmas with family and I have been enjoying some much needed time off from the blog. I’ve had this blog since 2009; going on six years in April! I try to post deals everyday, but in the past year, I have been getting really burnt out. I run this blog by myself and needed some time to enjoy family, go shopping, organize some neglected items around the house and just basically not look at my blog for a while.

I’m sorry to those of you that come and check it out daily to see the newest deals and were disappointed for the last couple of weeks. This blog will still go on in the new year, and I actually have some fun things to tell you about!



First, since it is the last day of the year, hopefully you can squeeze some coupon printing in. Who knows what 2015 will bring in coupons, but print coupons now before we get shiny new ones on tomorrow.


January is all about people making New Years resolutions, so we should see a lot of healthy food items on sale and offers/coupons to go with it. Lot’s of people resolve to get slim, eat more fruits/vegetables, do cleanses, exercise more or eat more organic food, so we should see an increase in organic deals next month.

We should also see some new items in our favorite stores. I have seen people post about more natural & organic items at Target. We should see displays of organic & natural cleaning supplies, as well as one of my favorite naturals brands; Acure coming to a Target location near you! Mine already have the body wash and several more products are coming, I am looking forward to see natural brands get into bigger markets.

Costco also will have some new organic products in the new year. I have already seen Campbell’s new organic soup at my location. I also spotted new organic cheddar cheese from Kingdom. Keep checking your stores for new organic items!


This is random, but it snowed in southern California last night! Nothing at our house, but not far from and people here are loving it. Those of you in states like Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota would laugh, but seeing snow on palm trees is quite a sight! I haven’t seen snow in southern California since I was in middle school. It’s 41 degrees here at 10 am, also something we do not see often. My husband still has flip flops on…

So have a happy New Year! Get ready to get organized, save money and go more organic in 2015!