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Nutrition Today helps nutrition professionals clear a pathway through today's maze of fad diets and cure-all claims by easy to read, authoritative reviews. Its peer reviewed articles are by leading nutrition and health professionals on the effects of different food and eating practices on health and quality of life. Lively, informative articles cover the most current and controversial topics, such as the role of bioactive food ingredients like probiotics in chronic diseases, sports nutrition, the food business, communicating nutrition, the politics of food, food in culture and news about people, meetings, and other events that affect the field.  

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Bon Appetit is THE guide to fabulous food. This magazine subscription is America's leading food, wine, and entertainment magazine. Each issue is filled with a range of recipes from easy to fine dining, elegant entertainment ideas, and wine reviews. Bon Appetit will teach you how to cook like pro simply.

Note: These offers expire today; 2/18/14 at 11:59 PM EST.