My Whole Foods Trip Today

We made it to Whole Foods this morning to grab the SUJA Elements on sale and I was able to get 15 with coupons for just $13! That is just $.86 cents each. 

The regular price would have been $37.50, what an awesome deal!

I also snagged an organic whole chicken and it is already in the crock pot as we speak for dinner. At $1.99/lb, we got a 3.56 lb chicken for $7.08. We saved $3.57 off the regular price of the chicken.

We'll add in vegetables and potatoes and have an organic dinner for three for around just $10 total. 

Did you get in on the SUJA or chicken sale? If not, the SUJA sale is happening until Sunday, so there is still time, head over to my SUJA post to print your coupons!

The chicken is a one day only sale, so make sure to head over today if you want any.