Free Ladybugs At Armstrong Garden Centers!

This weekend, Armstrong Garden Centers are giving away free packs of Ladybugs.

We love getting these each year and releasing them into our garden. 

Ladybugs are great for organic gardens, because they eat some of the bugs that destroy your plants so you don't have to spray them with anything. 

This offer is limited to one per family, while supplies last and I think Armstrong's are only in California, but you can locate one near you via their store locator

Here are some tips on how to release them in your garden so they will stay!

  • Do it at night when they are less active.
  • Keep them in the refrigerator until ready to release them.
  • Wet your plants lightly before you release them so they have something to drink and stick around.  
  • Release them on plants that have aphids, they'll likely go to town and start eating them!