Were You April “Fooled” By These Organic Companies?

On Tuesday, my Facebook newsfeed was all a flutter with April Fool’s Day jokes. I saw everything, even a friend who claimed they were pregnant when they really weren’t. It was hard for me at times to distinguish between reality and April Fool’s jokes, apparently a lot of people love that holiday!

I realized quickly that organic companies were really having fun pranking their Facebook fans. I actually almost fell for a few of these, and had to take a double take and remember what day it was!

If you didn’t happen to see them, here they are in all their April Fool’s Day glory:

Justins Maple Almond Toothpaste

Justin’s Maple Almond Butter Toothpaste. Yep, now you can brush your teeth with maple almond butter flavored toothpaste. If this were an actual product, would you try it?

Horizon Kale Milk

Horizon Organic Kale Milk. Doesn’t that just sound delicious? I know kale is really healthy, but would you want it in your milk? Maybe you would.

So Delicious oregon moss & pine

So Delicious Oregon Moss & Pine Bars. Made with organic pine needles and organic moss! It’s Oregon on a stick!

Nutty Noggin

MaraNatha’s Nutty Noggin. Now you can enjoy your favorite MaraNatha Organic Nut Butter on the go! What organic nut butters would you put in yours?

Organic Valley Milk For Cats

Organic Valley’s Organic Milk For Cats. Organic Valley introduces organic mini-milks for cats (with easy-to-lick-open lids), and organic cheese chunks designed to hide those pills your pet hates to take. My Corgi is NOT happy that those cheese chunks are not a new real product…

Were you fooled by any of these on April Fool’s Day? Did you see any I missed, let us know!