Horizon Organic Mac-N-Cheese $.45 A Box At Ralph's

I was in our Ralph's today, which in other areas of the country is Kroger or Fred Meyer or one of their other family of stores and found Horizon Organic Mac-N-Cheese one sale for just $1 a box. 

They only had the pasta shells at my store, but they also have the regular macaroni noodles in organic, but every store will vary with selection. 

There regular price was listed was $2.59, so already a good savings, but we also have a printable $.55/1 Horizon Coupon that will get you a box for just $.45!

Now, like Annie's, Horizon offers certified organic mac-n-cheese which has the USDA label on the front, and "made with organic ingredients" mac-n-cheese which does not. 

To get the organic one, look for the sea abovel, and guess what? All the boxes were a $1, so why not get the USDA certified boxes. 

Wondering what exactly the difference is? Check out the Organic Labeling page for an easy to read summary of the labeling guidelines.