New Life Factory Glass & Silicone Storage Containers 15% Off!

We ditched plastic containers long ago in our house and switched to glass and stainless steel. When I went to the Natural Product Expo a few months ago and stopped by the Life Factory booth I noticed they had a display of some new glassware products. 

They had just introduced new storage containers and wine glasses. I posted the photos on Facebook and so many of you were interested in these, so I am excited to share that Pharmaca has the storage containers in stock and on sale for 15% off right now

They start at $12.74 for the 1 cup size and go to $16.99 for the 4 cup size. These are tempered glass storage containers with silicone sleeves that are oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe!

If you order $35 or more in combined items on Pharmaca, you will also score free shipping!