New Checkout51 Offers | Heinz Kethcup, Bananas, Tomatoes & More!

There are new offers from Checkout51 that started today. Offers will vary by account, but here are some organic ones you may have:

  • $.25 Cash Back On Bananas
  • $.25 Cash Back On Tomatoes
  • $.25 Cash Back On Heinz Ketchup
  • $.25 Cash Back On Earth Balance Buttery Spread

All of these offers can be used on the organic varieties of these products. My Target and the Military Commissary carry the organic variety of Heinz Ketchup. 

Remember, you can submit your receipt from any store, to get your cash back, and you DO NOT need a phone app to use this. You just need an account and a camera to take a picture of your receipt and you can do it all on your computer.