Citrus Lane June 2014 Box Review & Coupon Code | 1st Box Only $7 Shipped!

This is the second box I have received from Citrus Lane. This month, I paid the full price, since I had used my promo code to get my first box for just $9. 

Today and tomorrow, you can get your first box for just $7 with promo code: JULYBOX!

The picture above shows what was in the June 2014 box for a boy, age 8 months. 

I heard from another neighbor of mine that they loved Bumbkins wet bags, and although I was not familiar with them, she raved about them. I was happy to see the Plum Organic Stage 2 pouch, since it's always good to see organic items in the box. 

And most little boys love trucks of any kind, and Hape uses water based paint on their wood, so I was happy to see they included a truck that was safe for baby to put in his mouth. 

The Playful Wash smells deliciously citrus-y, without being overpowering, and although marketed to littles, could be used on older children with sensitive skin as well. 


Getting the first box at the $7 amount is obviously a great deal, but now that I'm paying full price am I still getting a good deal?

If I were to purchase these items at multiple online stores, it looks like I could get them for around $34.85. This is already cheaper than the $29 box price, plus this does not include shipping that some of the stores would add. Also, since this is curated for me, it saves time and it's just fun to get a surprise every month like this, so yes, I'd say it's a good deal!

If you sign up for 6 months, you get the boxes for just $21, so an even better deal. 

If you decide to try it and get your first box for $7 and do not want to continue your subscription, you can cancel at anytime after your receive the box.