50% Off Aubrey Original Packaging Products!

I love taking advantage of packaging change sales, you can snag some great deals just because the company is getting a new logo or switching bottle types etc.

Aubrey is currently doing a packaging change and is selling a bunch of their shampoos & conditioners for 50% off + giving you a free new 2 oz size of every full size you order!

Just look at the bottom for the Final Sale - 50% Off link. 

Plus when you spend $25 or more, your shipping is free (a $15 value for me and no code needed). You can also try code: JUNEJULY for an additional 20% off, but it did not work for me, so it may have expired already. 

I've used the swimmers shampoo from Aubrey and loved it, but that is the only shampoo or conditioner I have tried from them personally. Do you have any favorites?

Thanks Sheekalovescoupons