Newest Checkout 51 Offers | Tomatoes, Onions, Avocados & More!

There are new offers from Checkout 51 that are great for organic shoppers! Offers will vary by account, but here are some that you may have:

  • $.25 cash back on tomatoes
  • $.25 cash back on onions
  • $.25 cash back on avocados
  • $.25 cash back on tortilla chips
  • $.25 cash back on La Preferida black beans
  • $.25 cash back on La Preferida jalapeno nacho slices
  • $1 cash back on Imagine chunky style soups
  • $1 cash back on Animeals 4 Kids Sauces

If you plan on doing a Taco Tuesday night, check out all those offers that can help you save!

Note: They refresh offers on Thursdays, so make sure to use these offers before they expire. 

Remember, you can submit your receipt from any store, to get your cash back, and you DO NOT need a phone app to use this. You just need an account and a camera to take a picture of your receipt and you can do it all on your computer.