Sprouts Organic Deals 9.10.14 - 9.17.14

Sprouts Farmers Market is a natural grocery store with locations in California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Colorado and Georgia. If you haven't shopped at Sprouts before, read all the ways to save at Sprouts before you go.

Note: Prices listed for organic produce are based on my Southern California ad, and will vary. Please check your local ad on Sprouts.com to see the prices in your area.

IbottaCheckout 51 & BerryCart work at Sprouts! 

  • Organic Red or Green Seedless Grapes $1.98/lb
  • Organic Raspberries $2.98 (6 oz)
  • Organic Rainbow Table Carrots $1.98 (2 lb bag)
  • Organic Bartlett Pears $1.50/lb
  • Organic Gala Apples $1.98/lb
  • Organic Kale $1.50

Organic Grass Fed Beef 25% Off

Rosie Organic Grill Pack $2.99/lb

Earthbound Farms Organic Salad Blends B1G1 Free $3.49
-$.75/1 Earthbound Farm Coupon

So Delicious Organic Frozen Dessert B1G1 Free
-$.55/1 So Delicious Coupon

Sambazon Organic Acai Juice B1G1 Free
-$2/1 Sambazon Coupon

Rustic Crust Organic Pizza Crust B1G1 Free
-$.55/1 Rustic Crust Coupon

Celestial Seasoning Organic Kombucha B1G1 Free

Nature’s Path Organic Cereal, Granola or Bars B1G1 Free

One Degree Organic Bread B1G1 Free

Muir Glen Organic Pasta Sauce B1G1 Free

Annie’s Homegrown Organic Mac-N-Cheese B1G1 Free

Ella’s Kitchen Organic Products B1G1 Free

Gimme Organic Seaweed Snacks B1G1 Free

Drew’s Organic Salad Dressing B1G1 Free

Seventh Generation Hand Soap B1G1 Free


  • Organic Cantaloupes $.77/lb
  • Organic Kales $.88/each
  • Organic Celery $.77/each
  • Organic Bell Peppers $.77/each
  • Organic Red or Green Seedless Grapes $2.98/lb
  • Organic Gala or Granny Smith Apples $1.98/lb
  • Organic Table Carrots $2.98 (5 lb bag)

Rosie Organic Chicken Breast $7.99/lb

Organic Boneless Chuck or Rib Roast $5.99/lb

Sprouts Buy 1, Get 1 Free Deals

  • Van’s Organic Waffles B1G1 Free
  • Napa Valley EVOO B1G1 Free
  • Lundberg Organic Rice Cakes B1G1 Free
  • Little Miracles Organic Tea B1G1 Free
  • Nature’s Path Organic Granola B1G1 Free
  • Wolfgang Puck Organic Soup B1G1 Free

Earthbound Farm Organic Salad Blends B1G1 Free
-$.75/1 Earthbound Farm Coupon  (take the quiz)

Kevita Organic Sparkling Beverage B1G1 Free
-$1.50/1 Kevita Organic Coupon
-$1 Ibotta Kevita Rebate

Rising Moon Organic Pasta B1G1 Free
-$1/1 Rising Moon Coupon

Earthbound Farm  Frozen Potatoes B1G1 Free
-$.75/1 Earthbound Farm Coupon (take the quiz)

Nasoya Organic Tofu B1G1 Free
-$.75/1 Nasoya Coupon (Facebook)

Muir Glen Organic Pasta Sauce or Tomatoes B1G1 Free
-$.75 Muir Glen Ibotta Rebate

DeLallo Organic Pasta B1G1 Free
-$1.50/2 DeLallo Organic Pasta Coupon

Annie’s Organic Mac-N-Cheese B1G1 Free
-$.35/1 Annie’s Mac-N-Cheese Coupon

Tasty Brand Organic Rice Packets B1G1 Free
-$2/3 Tasty Bite Sprouts Coupon

Back To Nature Organic Crackers B1G1 Free
-$.75/1 Back To Nature Coupon (Facebook)