What Organic Items I Buy At Fresh & Easy

Wild Oats Organic

I’ve shopped at Fresh & Easy for a few years now and there are a few organic items that I like to pick up there when I go. Fresh & Easy stores are currently in California, Nevada and Arizona. 

Fresh & Easy does not take coupons (except their own), but they do have sales and have a rewards program that earns you points you can convert to “cash” that you can spend on future purchases.

Fresh & Easy has partnered with the Wild Oats brand to offer several unique organic items, such as organic Naan bread, organic steak sauce and more.

Here are some of the organic items I pick up there: 

Organic Potato Chips: When you want to pair that sandwich with some organic potato chips, Fresh & Easy sells their organic varieties for just $2.49. They have three organic flavors and these often go on sale for just $1.50.

fresh and easy pancake mix

Organic Pancake Mix: My husband has an affinity for their organic pancake mix. I’ll admit, this is just us being lazy, as pancake mix is really easy to mix up yourself, but we tried it and I buy it for him since he loves it so much (by the way, switching him to organic maple syrup was quite the trial… he grew up on “pancake syrup” and fought me on the switch ha ha… he now loves pure maple syrup so I let him have this pancake mix). The box of mix is $2.99.

Wild Oats Spagetti

Organic Pasta Noodles: These are pretty inexpensive anywhere, but they are just a tad cheaper than Target, at $1.99 vs $2.29 for linguini for example, so I pick this up at Fresh & Easy when I go. Unless I’m going to Whole Foods who offers their Everyday Value noodles for around $1.69!

Wild Oats steak sauce

Wild Oats Organic Steak Sauce: I can’t find organic steak sauce everywhere, so when I go to Fresh & Easy I grab a bottle for my husband for $2.99.

Organic Bananas: I usually get the 3 lb bag at Costco for $1.99, but Fresh & Easy has them for $1.79/bunch, so I will pick them up there if I am going and they are on my list. I think the bunch is just a tad smaller than the 3 lbs at Costco.

wild oats bread

Organic Sliced Bread: We really like the organic sliced bread at Fresh & Easy. They sell the loafs for $3.99. I can get Rudi’s organic which we also really like at our military commissary for less, however, mine is almost an hour away, so I don’t get down there often enough.

They also have organic Naan bread for just $2.99.

Fresh & Easy

Organic Produce: I buy produce typically based on sales ads. Wherever has the best price is usually where I pick up our produce. I am very lucky to live in an area where most produce is locally sourced or sourced very closely to us, and my stores are all very close to one another, so I make my produce shopping list based on my local ads usually. Sometimes Fresh & Easy deals on organic produce are better and sometimes they are not. 

Do you shop at Fresh & Easy? Did you know they offered organic options? What are your favorite organic products they offer?

You can check out their organic products on their website and actually place an order for pick-up online.

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