New Organic Products At Costco As Of 1.16.15


If you saw my post about the new organic coupon book at Costco, you’ll know that they currently have an organic promotion going on at my location (Los Angeles, California area).

I went to check out the promotion in person and found a bunch of new organic products at my store. They had most of the items on the end caps of each aisle, and one area that was completely just organic items.


Here is a peek at some items I found and the coupon savings if any that they were offering:

  • Kirkland Organic Chocolate Pudding $9.99 (12 pk)
  • Organic Frozen Tropical Blend Frozen Fruit $9.89
  • Mott’s Organic Applesauce Cups $11.69 (36 count)
  • Organic Kiolbassa Beef Sausage $9.59/lb


  • True Story Organic Sliced Ham $12.99 (1.25 lbs)
  • Campbell’s Organic Garden Vegetable Soup $11.99 (6 pk)
  • Bibigo Organic Potstickers Chicken & Vegetable $9.79
  • Organic D’Anjou Pears $7.49 (6 lbs)
  • Suja Essentials Mighty Greens $7.79 (59 oz)
  • Green shield Organic Laundry Detergent $10.99
  • Wholly Guacamole Organic Guac $10.99 (3 lbs)


Green Wave Farms Organic Trimmed Green Beans $4.79
-$1 Costco Coupon (automatically deducted)

Harry’s Organic Tapioca Pudding $9.99 (64 oz)
-$2.50 Costco Coupon (automatically deducted)

Kashi Organic Sprouted Grains Cereal $8.99
-$2.20 Costco Coupon (automatically deducted)

Kettle Organic Potato Chips (variety pack, single serve) $15.39
-$2.80 Costco Coupon (automatically deducted)


Prairie Organic Vodka $22.99
-$4 Costco Coupon (automatically deducted)

Julie’s Organic Frozen Yogurt Bars $9.49
-$2.50 Costco Coupon (automatically deducted)

Suja Organic Essentials Fresh Start $28.99 (9 pk)
-$7.50 Costco Coupon (automatically deducted)

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Organic Columbian Coffee $15.99 (2 lbs)
-$4 Costco Coupon (automatically deducted)

Campbell’s Organic Red Lentil & Kale Soup $8.89
-$2.30 Costco Coupon (automatically deducted)


Whole Fruit Organic Juice Tubes $9.99
-$2.50 Costco Coupon (automatically deducted)

Popcornopolis Organic White Cheddar Popcorn $6.99
-$1.50 Costco Coupon (automatically deducted)

Mama Mary’s Organic Pizza Crust $8.99 (4 pk)
-$2.00 Costco Coupon (automatically deducted)

Better Oats Organic Raw Oatmeal $9.99
-$2.00 Costco Coupon (automatically deducted)

These are all great deals! I was especially excited to see organic pudding, although I would have preferred it in a different container… the pouch idea may be convenient, but it isn’t teaching our kids how to sit down and have a meal with utensils.

If you decide to check out your Costco you may not see all of the same items, you may see less, and you may see more, since items vary throughout the country.

Also, don’t forget that cash Back apps; Ibotta, Checkout 51, SNAP by Groupon, Shrink, BerryCart and Jingit all work at Costco and can save you even more on some of these items!