Newest Organic Finds At Costco For February 2015!


I was at Costco recently and found a bunch of new organic items I hadn’t seen before. I always check down the aisles to see if new items have appeared that I may miss… sometimes I find great new stuff!

I shop in southern California, so you may not have these items at your local Costco, but if any of these look interesting, keep your eye out at your location.

Purity Organic Peach Black Tea $7.99 (5 ltr)

Organic Sweet Potato Cakes $8.89 (16 count)

Grain & Simple 2 Minute Organic Grains $6.99 (4 count)


Jose’s Organic French Roast Coffee $15.99 (3 lbs)

Long Kow Organic Bean-Vermicelli $9.99

Nature’s Truth Organic Long Grain Brown Rice $11.59 (12 lbs)


Wild Friends Organic Honey Sunflower Butter $9.99 (26 oz)

Svelte Organic Protein Shake Cappuccino $21.99 (18 pk)

Have you found any new organic deals at Costco recently?