Fill Their Easter Baskets With Organic & Natural Candy From The Natural Candy Store!

If you add a special treat to your kids Easter baskets, skip the artificial dyes and questionable ingredients and go with organic and natural options from the Natural Candy Store

They have organic Easter bunnies, organic jelly beans, organic chocolate eggs and more. 

They have several specials going on right now too, grab them before 3/31/15. 


  • 15% Off Glee Gum
  • 15% Off Surf Sweets Candies
  • 15% Off Cocomels
  • 18% Off Ocho Organic Candy Bars


You can also pick up natural dye kits for your eggs and more

Check out their shipping deadlines to make sure you get it in time, those of you on the upper east coast have until 3/26, but those of you in California have until April 1st. 

Also, check out my post on how to dye Easter Eggs naturally with items you probably already have at home.