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Introducing One Twine From Recyclebank - New Way To Use Your Points

has a new way to use your points. They introduced their  “One Twine” shop today that includes carefully vetted products that are better for your home, the planet, and your wallet.

You can apply your points for a discount (they have a maximum amount you can use) and, for a limited time only, get free shipping on all orders!


25 New Recyclebank Points For Freezer Month

Since March is National Frozen Foods Month, Recyclebank is talking freezers on their site.

Earn 25 new points and make your freezer run as efficiently as possible with their new quiz.


Spring Forward & Get 10 Recyclebank Points

Earn 10 points on Recyclebank and learn ways to save on costs and energy by using sunlight. Easy tips like opening curtains and skipping the dryer.


Earn 25 New Recyclebank Points

Earn 25 new points by learning how "healthy" and "eco-friendly" are related on Recyclebank.

Take the 5 question quiz to snag your points.


Grab Up To 110 New Recyclebank Points

There are a few new ways to earn some Recyclebank points.

First, earn up to 100 points when you find new ways to repurpose common household items rather than throw them away.

Second, get tips on how to have an eco-friendly party to get 10 points.

Use your points to get coupons, magazine, gift cards and more!


Get Up To 135 New Recyclebank Points!

There are some new opportunities to grab some Recyclebank points for the new year.

Earn up to 100 points by learning small tips for green changes in 2014.


Learn some new green resolution ideas in a quiz and get 25 points.

Learn green ways to say goodbye to the holidays and earn 10 points.

Turn your Recyclebank Points into rewards such as magazines, coupons and gift cards for your favorite green products!


Get 100 New recyclebank Points

Check out Recyclebank's 2013 eco-friendly faves and you'll earn up to 100 points along the way.