The Natural Candy Store | 20% Off Ocho Organic Candy Bars & Minis!

Looking to hand out “cleaner” Halloween treats this year? Have you heard of the Natural Candy Store?

I post about them every year at this time since they are one of the only places I can find almost all of the natural and organic candy and baking items I would have to go to multiple stores for.

Right now they have Ocho candy bars on sale for 20% off. Ocho candy bars are like the organic equivalent to conventional bars like Snickers ® and Mounds Bars ® etc.

I have tried them all and actual prefer them to the conventional bars.

Head over and check them out, and see all of the other awesome organic options they have you may not have heard of.

Tell your friends through their “Refer-A-Friend” account and you can earn a $5 gift certificate for every new customer you refer!